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    • Also the master will not reset the dungeon whenever it dies anymore it will only reset on the entrance sequence as it should
    • Record exit dungeon with just a node inside the dungeon in front of the portal so that if the master runs directly in front on that node in that angle it will reach the portal
    • Record entrance node in front of 5 yard portal Record regroup node in line with the portal and the entrance node Enter the name of the profile you are using on the master on all of the slave press enter so it loads the profile on slave but do not hit start grind. Record grind path normally not more than 3 yard on the follow distance slave slider Do not turn the dungeon bot ''on'' on the slaves, only on the master
    • fixed so now if slave is not in LoS of his target  and he is supposed to be killing that target that he moves to in Line of site now instead of just standing there fixed issues with BG bot stopping 
    • fixed mostly all issues with dungeon bot, now you should record entrance and exit by a spot right in front of the portal by left click (not inside) fixed it so it actually does nothing after 2 seconds  after aa loading screen
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