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    • I have the same problem. Can someone help!? 
    • Message: [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value) Time: Mon Feb 24 11:28:37 2020 Count: 103 Stack: [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value) [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: in function <[string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4615> Locals: self = <unnamed> {  0 = <userdata> } event = "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED" time = 1582540117.830000 token = "SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS" hidding = false sourceGUID = "" sourceName = "" sourceFlags = 1297 sourceFlags2 = 0 destGUID = "Creature-0-4458-1-38-11744-000053A46D" destName = "" destFlags1 = 68168 destFlags2 = 0 spellid = 0 spellName = "Pyroblast" A3 = 4 A4 = nil A5 = nil A6 = nil A7 = nil A8 = nil A9 = nil A10 = nil A11 = nil A12 = nil sourcePointer = nil destPointer = "0x0000025B6FCE3734" (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "Dust Stormer" (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1 (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = "player" (*temporary) = "Dust Stormer" (*temporary) = "attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value)"   happens since yesterday. just deleted 3 lines. cannot even find a new download link to reinstall orca since new forum. please help
    • shaman needs a tick box like warrior to approach target and a box to use frost shock when targets are 10% HP so they cant run and attack from range.   
    • I've been fiddling with Orca in AV and my custom grind paths aren't working. It records the path fine but when i press start grind my character doesn't move. My grind profiles work fine outside AV just not in the instance. Am i missing something?
    • I've been fiddling with Orca and for some reason any custom grind path I make inside AV doesn't run properly. It shows the path I create but when pressing 'start grind' my character just stands there. The grind paths work outside of AV though. Am I missing something?
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