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  2. Orca


    fixed some random issues with battleground bot, more to come soon
  3. Today
  4. Yesterday
  5. Alright 😃 welcomeback
  6. ye thanks 🙂 ill just wait ontil you get another payment option im not in a rush Been fun sofar missed botting
  7. https://localbitcoins.com/
  8. sorry but It is not possible yet, orca doesnt have any questing bots. its based on grinding routes.
  9. Im confused aswell ^^ i dont even gonna borther to try ontil they get it sorted
  10. Nvm Found the answar in other topic will wait ontil you get it sorted out
  11. https://ewtwow.com/topic/1527/ewt-on-mac/4
  12. Does a Mac Operating system Computer work with the Bot
  13. Orca


    when you are dead, bot will adjust the camera for the death run so if it ever runs into water, it will swim it rather than staying on surface so it doesnt miss waypoints or get stucks
  14. -Battlegrounds now supported, write the battlemaster name in the editbox in [afkBot2]... turn on battleground bot, stand next to the battlemaster and then turn the grind bot on. (you will need to record a grind path in the battleground for the first run of it) also make sure the rotation is enabled before turning on the grind bot
  15. Last week
  16. Orca


    vendoring is actually fixed now
  17. Orca


    fixed repair issues now, reload ui
  18. mrcow

    Honest Review

    I think he is pretty funny...
  19. Marin

    Honest Review

    I like how every time "atoo" moderator think is he funy .. but it is not 😞
  20. atoo

    Honest Review

    It takes max 24h to get activated, you're making a scene lol. Thanks for your "review".
  21. its because funds not ready. dont use a bank link to buy btc on coinbase, you cant move coins for 7 days while funds settle, use a debit card instead, watch confirmations by searching transaction id found on coinbase website on desktop version.
  22. EWT wont take my Coin base payment. I've been getting an "Unknown Error" since Dec 1st
  23. I cant do anything about that, im just a head mod. I never heard any wallet you need to wait a week before you can use the funds lol
  24. @atoo Most BTC wallets have about a week before you can send the funds too if you are first setting up. Less money for you guys and more annoyed customers.
  25. Orca


    fixed hunter problem when it didnt wait until pet goes to target to start hitting. fixed issue when you recorded a vendor path while nav mesh
  26. Orca


    fixed http request error problem
  27. Orca


    vendoring should work again, reverted change about it for now
  28. Orca


    changed the delay between looting and not doing anything and skinning to only 2 seconds, not 5 seconds.
  29. Why is bitcoin necessary? He has the same big commissions for withdrawal. Why can not I use Ethereum?
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