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  4. I have the same problem. Can someone help!?
  5. Fabian

    LUA Error

    Message: [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value) Time: Mon Feb 24 11:28:37 2020 Count: 103 Stack: [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value) [string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4638: in function <[string "BINDING_HEADER_orca = "General"..."]:4615> Locals: self = <unnamed> { 0 = <userdata> } event = "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED" time = 1582540117.830000 token = "SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS" hidding = false sourceGUID = "" sourceName = "" sourceFlags = 1297 sourceFlags2 = 0 destGUID = "Creature-0-4458-1-38-11744-000053A46D" destName = "" destFlags1 = 68168 destFlags2 = 0 spellid = 0 spellName = "Pyroblast" A3 = 4 A4 = nil A5 = nil A6 = nil A7 = nil A8 = nil A9 = nil A10 = nil A11 = nil A12 = nil sourcePointer = nil destPointer = "0x0000025B6FCE3734" (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "Dust Stormer" (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1 (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = "player" (*temporary) = "Dust Stormer" (*temporary) = "attempt to index global 'ConfigForm' (a nil value)" happens since yesterday. just deleted 3 lines. cannot even find a new download link to reinstall orca since new forum. please help
  6. Hello, I'm a full-time vape and also CBD reviewer at Vapetelligent Vape and CBD Business Directory. I'm looking for vape and also CBD reviewers to review e-liquids from Finest SaltNic Series, Kandi E-Juice ICED and also Noms eJuice and CBD Pods from Green Goddess Extracts. If anyone at forums.woworcabot.com is interested, do get in touch:) Many thanks
  7. What do you make of Love to CBD marketplace? I heard good things about it and I want to list the entire JustCBD product line on this marketplace but I am not sure whether it is worth my while. It looks like a promising company but it does not seem to have enough traffic yet. What do you think? Thanks
  8. Earlier
  9. shaman needs a tick box like warrior to approach target and a box to use frost shock when targets are 10% HP so they cant run and attack from range.
  10. I've been fiddling with Orca in AV and my custom grind paths aren't working. It records the path fine but when i press start grind my character doesn't move. My grind profiles work fine outside AV just not in the instance. Am i missing something?
  11. I've been fiddling with Orca and for some reason any custom grind path I make inside AV doesn't run properly. It shows the path I create but when pressing 'start grind' my character just stands there. The grind paths work outside of AV though. Am I missing something?
  12. After I enter the numbers in my personal account, spam starts Failed to initialize meshes in WoW
  13. whenever i try and start running bot it says to me i neeed to have Nav Mesh installed in wow can anyone help me ?
  14. klin


    I can not find to find payment by credit card through paypal some ass.
  15. hello guys! Thanks for great bot! Thers a lot of information about farming gold and going to dungeons. But I personally need a bot for AV honor farming. Could you give me information about this topic, Might you bot be helpfull doing that. Thanks in advance!
  16. We are currently taking on new product reviewers at forums.woworcabot.com to review our latest sexy nightwear Pink Lingerie pieces including Deep V Eyelash Lace Teddy! If you are interested, give me a shout
  17. I am the lead web developer for the E mail Extractor and Facebook Harvester by Creative Bear Tech. Essentially, this online search engine scraper can scrape most of the search engines, featuring Google, Bing, AOL, Yandex and even social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Google Maps and much more. I believe it will be a lot easier if you go through the comprehensive software guide. The software is not official yet, but whenever it is, it will be readily available on https://creativebeartech.com We are currently beta testing the software and searching for beta tester and software reviewers at forums.woworcabot.com. You will be given the full licence key for the computer software and can even scrape B2B contact information for your own specialized niche. If interested, please give me a shout.
  18. Just bought EWT and the Orca bot on the other site but when starting EWT and using my email and the password I think I choose I get this error: 11:37:12.685 EWT 64-bit PID 8228 Build 3705 started: 11:37:12.701 ===================================== IMPORTANT: EWT is now paid. Purchase from https://www.ewtwow.com/subscribe Read this for more information: https://www.ewtwow.com/topic/615 Please, check the README.txt file as it contains very important instructions on how to safely use EWT. ===================================== 11:37:12.712 Start of event loop. 11:37:12.719 Configuring OS offsets. Please wait... 11:37:12.809 Configured OS offsets. 11:37:13.433 Connected. 11:37:20.841 Subscription: ERROR: Invalid subscription. Purchase EWT on https://ewtwow.com/subscribe 11:37:20.853 Detaching from WoW... 11:37:20.869 Bot stopping. 11:37:20.880 Detached from PID 0 in 13 ms
  19. please use https://forums.getgud.cc from now on
  20. yes thats a tripwire event. it happens sometime to protect your account
  21. make a new account with the same name and pm aphro
  22. Subscriptions There are not any subscriptions available at this time.
  23. When I try to login on the new website it always tell me my password is wrong.
  24. "Subscriptions are disabled at the moment."
  25. sorry, my english is not really good. is there any easier way to buy the bot and ewt. It really confuse me ❕. Or maybe you have any video introduction ?
  26. atoo


    Please head over to https://forums.getgud.cc/ and make a new thread.
  27. Orca


    added last stand and shield wall hp % slider
  28. Orca


    bot wont charge or try to dot totems now
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