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    Due to a major rule infraction, two players of the Orca community were suspended earlier today for violating the Terms of Use. The user were found of selling a leveling profile that was full of errors, while guarenteeing that the experience for 1-60 was failproof. After further review of the infraction, these users are active users of other communities and projects and attempted to hurt Orca's reputation from within their own forums. We care for all issues and pride ourselves on the continued success of Orca and the happiness of the user. The banned individuals went as far as: (1) Purchased Orca and EWT subscriptions (2) Sold profiles as Certified (trusted based on this persons reputation) (3) Posted negative reviews on Orca while pushing competitors programs. We take 100% responsability over this matter and offer full refund for the purchased profiles or a free switch to Zerokx's profiles.
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    -make it so when targeted by an enemy player it starts hitting enemy players, then stops if they dont target you (this can all be overridden by turning on hit enemy players in GUI then it will hit them full time) -added palaidin auras -added slider for rogue eviscerate
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    Hey quick guide id thought id share as I just learnt a cool feature of navmesh / ewt that compliments orca grind nicely. Type .navmesh .go click and then ctrl click your world map and it'll move you to that location 🙂
  4. 3 points
    -fixed targeting for afk bot, now will constantly check for targets who are closer to you and retarget them if necessary -many dungeon bot fixes, too many to list
  5. 2 points
    its because funds not ready. dont use a bank link to buy btc on coinbase, you cant move coins for 7 days while funds settle, use a debit card instead, watch confirmations by searching transaction id found on coinbase website on desktop version.
  6. 2 points
    -fixed when dungeon bot resurrects too quickly and u come back alive at gy
  7. 2 points
    added intimidation, beastial wrath, (auto use if grind bot) and trueshot aura for hunter
  8. 2 points
    -Bot is now live again -Auto activation done -you can change the account number by just requesting a new one in ACCOUNT ACTIVATION -unlimited changes allowed
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    Note THIS information was pulled and copy pasted has nothing to do with orca but I found that this information could relate and be very helpful. ill be editing to out mentions of gatherbuddy and stuff as that no longer exist Part 1: Botting Safely I know there are many threads on this on various sites, but it never hurts. It is just a basic tip guide. 1. Try to only bot for 6-10 hours a day, and split them up. IE: 6 hours over night, and 4 hours in the afternoon. (There are programs that automatically shut down your computer, and gatherbuddy comes with an option of how long to bot for before closing gatherbuddy.) - This will lessen your chance to be suspected of botting. Botting for 3 days straight is a big tip off to a botter. 2. Do your best to switch up zones. For example: On Monday bot in Sholazar, and on Wednesday do Storm Peaks. 3. *NEVER I REPEAT NEVER* Flood the auction house or your guild bank with materials. This = LOLWOWBOTTER 4. Try to make your own profiles, there are many tutorials for gatherbuddy etc. on how to do this. Using a public profile on a highly populated server will end up with 5 botters using the same path. 5. Try to stay out of a guild unless it is you by yourself in your own guild. If you are up for 8 hours the people in your guild will ask you questions or to do heroics etc. 6. DO NOT mass vendor Saronite Bars/Herbs etc. There have recently been a lot of bans for this resulting in 72 hours/permanent ban for Economy Explotation. 7. Try to do some raiding/pvp in between days and just let your computer cool down once in a while every week. 8. Do not report other botters. There are a lot more tips, but this is just a quick guide. Part 2: Gold Selling 1. Find a private buyer. The big companies only pay about $2.00 if you are lucky for 1000g now a days. You can do this in many ways, IE: in game advertising, account trading sites like wowtrade.dk, markeedragon, etc. 2. If you are going to sell to a mass buyer, like mmosys, sell them little-by-little. Never sell them an amount like 10,000g- you will get banned within a few days, if you do not, good for you. 3. USE THE GOLD/POWER LEVELING REVIEW SECTION! At often times it has who buys gold for good prices etc. 4. Make sure your paypal is verified! If you are going to be selling mass amounts for good $$$, and are expecting to get over $500 a month, your account will be limited if it goes over $500. 5. USE A SEPERATE VANILLA ACCOUNT FROM YOUR BOTTING ACCOUNT. If you happen to get banned for gold selling, you will still have your botting account. 6. NEVER SELL GOLD VIA IN-GAME MAIL. This delievery method= gold taken away a long with your account =D 7. Always confirm your selling, and have the info right. If you sell to the wrong person= bye bye paypal. 8. Try to switch servers every few months unless your server has a great economy, some people follow you on servers and will start black mailing you.O 9. Only sell to people you trust or many other people trust. 10. If you can, sell gold via materials: IE 400 flasks on your server= 12,000g trade that instead of gold, unless the buyer does not like this method. Then it looks less suspicious and you do not have to do any work Like I said, there is a lot more but these are the noob basics of these two.
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    -fixed slave selling now wont sell unless you have turned on selling whites / greys in afkbot menu -fixed bug about when resurrecting screen is grey and bugged and youre not really dead
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    Nvm Found the answar in other topic will wait ontil you get it sorted out
  12. 1 point
    ye thanks 🙂 ill just wait ontil you get another payment option im not in a rush Been fun sofar missed botting
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    -Battlegrounds now supported, write the battlemaster name in the editbox in [afkBot2]... turn on battleground bot, stand next to the battlemaster and then turn the grind bot on. (you will need to record a grind path in the battleground for the first run of it) also make sure the rotation is enabled before turning on the grind bot
  14. 1 point
    fixed repair issues now, reload ui
  15. 1 point
    I cant do anything about that, im just a head mod. I never heard any wallet you need to wait a week before you can use the funds lol
  16. 1 point
    fixed hunter problem when it didnt wait until pet goes to target to start hitting. fixed issue when you recorded a vendor path while nav mesh
  17. 1 point
    fixed mend pet issue when it canceled mend pet and not supposed to
  18. 1 point
    It does support simplified Chinese client now.
  19. 1 point
    Reverted change where it would hit players if they targeted you since this was causing more wipes than helping.
  20. 1 point
    Added heal whitelist so you can pick who exactly to heal and dispel whitelist to pick what exactly to dispel Open orcacustomer.lua with a text editor like notepad and edit the lists there then save the file and reload ui.
  21. 1 point
    Thanks guys! I'm loving it so far!
  22. 1 point
    -fixed many issues related to multiboxing especially in dungeons. Removed play as melee option for multiboxing Replaced it with a slider where you set the slave's kill distance (for melee, set 5 yards)) Added slave repairing and selling when the master goes and repairs / sells
  23. 1 point
    paladin blessing of wisdom option added, fixed some mount spamming issues some users had.
  24. 1 point
    Good night guys! I want to congratulate the team for always meeting their members' requests, making our lives better and better. The program is getting better all day, and if the user does things the right way, there is almost no chance of getting caught. Congratulations to the developers and everyone involved, thanks.
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    Welcome to Orca, the BEST and most importantly the SAFEST around. We are the standard others are striving to reach. Supported Classes: ALL Capabilities - NAVIGATION MESH implemented now for movement. - 1-60 Grinding (Vendor & Ghost Support) - Skinning - Rotation for Raids and Dungeons - Easy profile creation without coding knowledge - Save your profiles and enjoy using them with another character - Gold farming - Dynamic path (new paths generated each time you run it) - Human like Hard to detect Orca operates using the most up-to-date technology to ensure the user has a safe and carefree experience Human Support Real time 24/7 support Tutorials are available for Setup and general use of Orca Orca Bot in a Nutshell The goal of Orca Bot is to provide the best botting experience possible, but also the simplest. With the new Orca Bot, the only thing the user is required to do, is to create your grind/vendor/rez paths - which has been smoothly coded to appear human and very easy. Once the grind path has been set, Orca Bot will automatically detect skill ranks of the character’s and has the capabilities to update autonomously when trained. Orca Bot’s class rotations are pre-programmed and optimally setup to reduce the cost of character resources, while ensuring success leveling or farming. The biggest question of every person using 3rd party software is: "Is this bot detectable" or "next time I log in, will I be banned"?🤬 Chill, we got you covered. With the EWT Toolbox required to run Orca bot, you can sleep well while your bot is doing all the hard work. This tool is made specifically to not get banned, this is the reason Orca Bot chose to work on the EWT platform. Feel free to ask any question regarding to the bot in the pre-purchase section and me or another mod will answer you as soon possible.
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