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    Hi there! I'm new user to orca and also bought a Certified profile from Andoido. Just had many problems while trying to get it working and then joined his discord. I can only say it took just 5 mins to get an asnwer from him and he just fixed it so easy... I can only say thanks to Andoido for such a great service and hard work.
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    added delay after loading screen before bot starts doing something added toggle for priest using fade
  3. 1 point
    fixed "some people like me have a problem with gathering mines and herbs (https://forums.woworcabot.com/index.php?/topic/3031-bot-doesnt-go-on-after-herbing-mining/). getting an error after bot is collecting a vein or herb. is there any workaround?"
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    looked into and addrressed issue about GUI not saving (fixed now due to ewt issue) added additional check to make sure unit are valid before being passed to CanLootUnit( ) due to ewt issue, let me know if thers some more problem with lag or invalid unit
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    wont heal pets in battlegrounds anymore
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    Hi guys! We are happy to comeback live after this downtime! Stronger than ever ! We are also happy to introduce you the brand new automatic activation system wich will save everyone a lot of time and give you more time to work hard 😉 Click on ACCOUNT ACTIVATION in the menu bar on top of the website Click ''New Request'' Read the instructions Click Save This is an example of what is your account name: That's it! ------THIS PROCESS IS VALID FOR ALL OF YOU WHO GOT BANNED AND WANTS THEIR ACCOUNT SWITCH TO THEIR NEW ACCOUNT ------- ***************************Just enter your new account name in the field and it will update it from your old one.********************************* Your account will be activated within 10 next minutes. NOTE THAT FROM NOW ALL THE ORCA SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE SESSION BOUND. THIS MEANS THAT YOU CAN RETURN TO THAT ACTIVATION SECTION AND CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT NAME UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF TIMES DURING THE TIME OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE AMOUNT OF ACCOUNTS YOU BOUGHT AND TIME. Download the new addon clicking Download it down in the forum section Enjoy guys.
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    The people who bought orca directly to me and did not use the website store are not able to use the automatic activation system and still need to use the old system. If you bought it 2 months ago and your recurring payment is set on an old version of orca bot purchase (originally from the store not as subscription) you might need also to use the old way. You will need to cancel the paypal recurring payment and buy a new subscription next month that will allow you to pass through the auto activation system and become session bound. Otherwise you will stay account bound
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