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  1. yeah im the same, no response 😞 had my sub a day and a half and cant use it
  2. As the title suggests, Paypal says the seller cant accept payments at this time. Any reason for this?
  3. Hey all, I'm sure this has come up many times, but as someone who is about to purchase Orca and a profile, it would be great to have access to some form of trial membership that lines up with the EWT option of 3 days. As a prospective buyer im going to be limited to setting up EWT only first, and it would have been amazing to have a purchasable trial period at a reduced price to get settings right so when i purchase the full membership, i know im getting the most out of it🙂 If there's an option for this though hidden away, I would love to hear about it!
  4. Hi all, I feel i have covered most questions I have before purchasing, however the one that alludes me is if it was to be banned, how to i get my materials from my it to my main without have both accounts getting banned. The two ways i can think of is either, Passing the items through the AH for purchase at a cheap price (but runs the risk of auctions getting snipped by other selling the items i farm on the AH and passing the raw gold through the AH in a single transaction that no one else would buy as a once off transaction. Happy to get some advice from the community on this as I have heard of accounts linked to cheap COD methods being banned for cooperating with it. Personally I can not take that risk on my main account. Also is there any guide on setting up EWT because i cant find anything! Cheers!
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