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  3. Xudam

    Bot offline?

    When will it go online again ?
  4. Xudam

    BG bot

    Also as ive seen now. you get AFK reported and need to enter combat. so moving and attacking players etc is a must. Is that possible ? Could someone write a tutorial on the BG bot ?
  5. Xudam

    BG bot

    Also i need it to release corps and leave BG, it waits out the time on both
  6. Xudam

    BG bot

    Hi, Im trying the BG bot, is he suppose to just stand stil in the start of AV? or can you make him move to get some HKs aswell ?
  7. Xudam


    Hi, i was just curious, what does ETW do to make the bot safe? does it stop Blizzard from gathering data from your Ram? And also, why is the addon named as it is? Isnt it obvious if an addon with that name Connects with the client?
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