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  1. Just bought EWT and the Orca bot on the other site but when starting EWT and using my email and the password I think I choose I get this error: 11:37:12.685 EWT 64-bit PID 8228 Build 3705 started: 11:37:12.701 ===================================== IMPORTANT: EWT is now paid. Purchase from https://www.ewtwow.com/subscribe Read this for more information: https://www.ewtwow.com/topic/615 Please, check the README.txt file as it contains very important instructions on how to safely use EWT. ===================================== 11:37:12.712 Start of event loop. 11:37:12.719 Configuring OS offsets. Please wait... 11:37:12.809 Configured OS offsets. 11:37:13.433 Connected. 11:37:20.841 Subscription: ERROR: Invalid subscription. Purchase EWT on https://ewtwow.com/subscribe 11:37:20.853 Detaching from WoW... 11:37:20.869 Bot stopping. 11:37:20.880 Detached from PID 0 in 13 ms
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