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  1. make a new account with the same name and pm aphro
  2. atoo


    Please head over to https://forums.getgud.cc/ and make a new thread.
  3. You can pm aphro or zerokx, im just a moderator i do not have access to such things.
  4. BITCOIN PAYMENT ONLY ACCEPTED AT THE MOMENT. WE ARE CURRENTLY ADDING MORE. PROFILE STORE SECTION IS RE-OPEN. PLEASE BE PATIENT THANK YOU. https://t.me/orcabotproject contact "aphro" there to buy with paypal/alternative methods until we get paymentwall up here
  5. Just wait, your forum account isnt premium yet.
  6. atoo


    Pm aphro/zerokx for forum activation i guess. Welcome 😃
  7. It should be automatic, else pm aphro/zerokx.
  8. Afaik you have a wallet on the site, so when you pay you recieve the BTC on the site which you then can transfer directly when buying the bot.
  9. You just purchase again and you ask for another activation for your new account. Also its holidays, please bare with us lol
  10. When did you pay? You aren't premium yet thats why.
  11. atoo


    Welcome 😃 1-60 in 2-3 weeks is definetly possible if you find the right spots fast etc.
  12. atoo

    Honest Review

    What the fuck are you talking about
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