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  1. Novelist

    BG bot

    You need to make a grind profile inside Alterac valley to make it move! There are no tutorials yet for BG bot, new feature and its still changing so tutorials will be outdated fast. But we are soon ready to put one up.
  2. You have to create a profile! Or buy one in the profile package store
  3. Dont afk in AV. Many people running around with snowballs figuring out whos bot and not, snowball push you away but bot runs back to afk grind spot. Not worth. I also tried running into the mountains etc. It works for a while but people really hates bots in BGs and even hordes been playing with my toon while afking when they find me. you need both orca and ewt for everything related
  4. Told myself i wouldn't bot classic before and when it released. Like telling a Camel not to drink the water.
  5. It is the same function that is described in here?
  6. I also want to state that you can easily make a 97% close to perfect profile in just one day, absolutely no problems. but if the profile will be used by hundreds of people those 3% could be a big deal.
  7. There is definetly problems that could take days before it arise. When i tested my 1-30 with three warriors all from lvl 0 there where more then one time i had to remake a profile cause the third time a warrior ran it for 20 hours it got stuck. And i have to test it again. With mesh especially, cause it changes it vendor path everytime it move to vendor, and going back it using the latest waypoint it was on. So if you have 15 waypoints, there are 15 different paths that mesh could take you in vendoring. And maybe 3 of them will stuck, but that could take days before you can test. Just one of many examples BUT, you can still make a great profile in 2 hours, but there is no way to say its working good or bad in that short time, if you consider good being more or less 100% afk
  8. There are some issues being looked into as of this moment that could relate to delayed payment. I have no definitive answer right now but our admin that handles the payment will help you as soon as possible when the issues beeing taking care of.
  9. No, if you want paths and dont want to pay, you make them yourself. But your paths wont be as good as certified unless you put time into it. But when you get hang of it, it will be more rewarding. Time is money and all profiles are made by people who are not involved directly in the product development nor are they getting any money from it subscriptions. All profiles for 35euro will be charged 16 euros no matter if one is "affiliated" with Orca team or not. Same goes for me and my comrades. See no reason to keep this thread open or discuss this 😄 LOCKED
  10. Honest reviews are always the best ones! I where once in your shoes with doubts and scepticism. But I had as much success as you did, I personally enjoy multibotting more then one account and even that worked good even tho the production is in it early stages (4 weeks ago). And Orcabot is improving everyday! We are happy you enjoy your time with orcabot and this community. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Positivity! Thanks to you to man, Travel safe!
  12. Novelist


    Hello and Welcome Beefy! Glad you find your way into the Orca forums and this product. Interesting profile and i'm looking forward to seeing you around and talk some more with you!
  13. Novelist

    Orca Review

    Glad to hear that! Having the same experience. Enjoy your next toon 😃
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