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The First Event of Orca and An Introduction

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Hello everyone! Let me be the first to welcome you!

Since most of you do not know me, it's time to change that.

My name is Zerokx and I will be responsible for the forum and the support there in. I have a vast number of years in the cheating scene of World of Warcraft, I will do my best to make your time with Orca the most memorable of experiences.

Furthermore, I will regularly have events for subscribers, hoping something will jump out at you that you may be interested in. For now, we have just one event, but expect much more to come in the future!

If you have any problems, you can always reach someone from the support team who can help you with any issue/problem that you may have..

If you are interested in joining the Orca team, please apply here: Staff Application 


But now we come to the first event with the Orca-Team.

We are currently looking for people with a lot of commitment and love, who wants to support the project and receive a small reward for it!!

So what exactly is it?:

We are currently looking for 3 videos from the community.

The 1st video should be in English and explain how to Install and use Orca. Explaining  in great detail exactly what to look for and how to set up - so that within a few hours, individuals can have a successful experience.  

The 2nd should be a German, following the same format of how to install and use orca and again, explains exactly what to look for, along with how to set up Orca correctly.

The 3rd should be a showcase video which shows what Orca can do and how Orca looks in action for a 30min-60mins or  longer in a timelapse video - the video should not last longer than 4-5 minutes because it should will be the official promotional video for the Orca.


We are looking for high detail, high quality videos!

What you will get for it?

You could receive up to 90 days of Orca for free if you send over all three videos! Or if 1 of 3 the three are selected, then you would receive 30 days of Orca!

  • 1st Video Win: 30 Days of Orca
  • 2nd Video Win: 30 Days of Orca
  • 3rd Video Win: 30 Days of Orca

Your Videos have to be unlisted (Not Public) and you need to post it here: Click me

I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all! 

greetz [Community Manager] Zerokx

and thanks for reading you only got the time bcs the it is running huh.....?

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