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1-60 Horde And Alliance is now live on the Certified profile store!

Tutorial on how to proceed after purchase is available on the forum!
Horde Alliance

Welcome to Orca Bot!

Welcome to Orca Bot, the most premier, intelligent and lightweight bot on World of Warcraft Classic. Come visit the official Orca Bot Forums to get updates, ask questions, and interact with fellow Orca Bot members.
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  • Status: The Bot is currently Safe
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What's Orca?

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Welcome to Orca, the BEST and most importantly the SAFEST around.

We are the standard others are striving to reach.


Supported Classes:    



- NAVIGATION MESH implemented now for movement.

- 1-60 Grinding (Vendor & Ghost Support)

- Skinning

- Rotation for Raids and Dungeons

- Easy profile creation without coding knowledge

- Save your profiles and enjoy using them with another character

- Gold farming

- Dynamic path (new paths generated each time you run it)

- Human like

Hard to detect

Orca operates using the most up-to-date technology to ensure the user has a safe and carefree experience


Human Support

Real time 24/7 support

Tutorials are available for Setup and general use of Orca


Orca Bot in a Nutshell

The goal of Orca Bot is to provide the best botting experience possible, but also the simplest. With the new Orca Bot, the only thing the user is required to do, is to create your grind/vendor/rez paths - which has been smoothly coded to appear human and very easy. Once the grind path has been set, Orca Bot will automatically detect skill ranks of the character’s and has the capabilities to update autonomously when trained. Orca Bot’s class rotations are pre-programmed and optimally setup to reduce the cost of character resources, while ensuring success leveling or farming.

The biggest question of every person using 3rd party software is:  "Is this bot detectable" or "next time I log in, will I be banned"?🤬

Chill, we got you covered.

With the EWT Toolbox required to run Orca bot, you can sleep well while your bot is doing all the hard work. This tool is made specifically to not get banned, this is the reason Orca Bot chose to work on the EWT platform.


Feel free to ask any question regarding to the bot in the pre-purchase section and me or another mod will answer you as soon possible.


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