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Rules of behavior


(all violations are subject to infractions, suspensions, or bans)




- Be polite and friendly to others. Be civil, be respectful.

- Always try to help members when questions arise.

- Making false and defamatory statements is prohibited.

- Spam of any kind will be punished with an infraction.

- Racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discriminations can lead to the immediate

  suspension of your account.

- Contact a forum moderator if you have issues with other forum users.

- Always use the forum search before opening a new thread.




Rules of content

- Any content containing personal details is prohibited.

- Posting a link that contains a violation of local, state or federal law is strictly prohibited.

- Do not post “offensive” posts, links, or images.

- Posting referral links or pay4click links (e.g. sharecash.org) will result in an immediate ban.

- You may only push threads which you have created.

- Refrain from pushing old/dead threads.

- You may not use oversized pictures in your forum signature.

- Forum avatars or signatures may not contain illegal content.



Multi accounting


- Multi accounting is not allowed.

- If you share your internet connection with another individual, and both are wanting to Orca, you

  MUST notify us prior to using the program.

- If a ban is placed on of the individuals, both individuals will be banned. You are liable for one another.

- The illegal dissemination of this software, or attempting to bypass house bans, may result in legal




Additional rules




- The Orca Team reserves the right to ban users for other reasons which are not listed here.

- We reserve the right not to take action against people who provide benefit to our community.

- You commit yourself to regularly check the rules for possible updates and/or changes.

- This Forum has the right to request alteration or deletion of any post that does not comply with Orca

  forum rules. If not done in a prompt manner, the forum moderator will delete the material.

- The distribution of Orca or any of the files associated with it is strictly prohibited.

- Extreme violations of Orca terms of use may result in legal action against the aggressor




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